My 2016 in review 

As the sun rises over the last day of 2016 I was asked what my New Year resolution for 2017 will be. Each year I make the same one. Lose weight and exercise more. In 2016 I changed it slightly to improved work life balance. While the weight loss part of the goal will have to roll over again into the next year I feel like I have achieved a somewhat better balance this year. 

I decided to make more time for doing things that I enjoy. As a teacher it’s very easy to spend every spare moment working. It’s almost necessary to do so but not healthy. 

I also decided to do some things that push me out of my comfort zone. 

I joined a boxing gym. This was great fun and while I only made it half way through the year as a regular due to a string of injuries and illnesses maybe in 2017 I can extend that to the whole year. 

I love taking photos and think I have taken more photos this year in different settings than any other year. 

Halsey was kind enough to allow me in the pit during her Sydney show in January.

Next on the photography journey was a food photography course that was a gift from my boys. February was also when Andy made it to his half century and we celebrated with a weekend at the beach with family. 

Then a final girls weekend in Dee Why to farewell Denise, one of my oldest friends before she started a new life in Queensland. It had to include a walk to North Head which had been planned many times but never accomplished. 

We welcomed little Lenny to the family. 

In April Trish and Steve Vail made the treck from Florida to Sydney. As well as a few laps around Sydney Harbour we headed into country NSW to show them around. A highlight of the trip was a night camping at Dubbo Zoo and lowlight a flight back tire on Steve’s motorbike in Dunedoo on a Sunday. 

I had a cold and stormy weekend in Newcastle with Ben in May. 

June was a big one with Andy and I heading off for our first proper overseas holiday together. We had never travelled from Australia together before. What a great trip. As well as plenty of 5sos shows we drove over 1000 miles from NYC to Canada and many places in between. Some highlights were a night Island cycle tour in Toronto, Niagara Falls and a ferry tour on New York Harbour. We also spent some time with Jack and Cels who were also doing a trip around the USA. 

There was plenty of 5sos during the year but the big one was definitely seeing them play to a sold out audience at Maddison Square Garden. Not to mention it was the first time I had seen Luke play piano on stage since high school. 

Dad and I did a landscape photography course which was his 80th birthday present. It so great to spend some time together doing something we both love. 

I started the October school holidays with a full day advanced portrait course which was a birthday gift from the previous year from a group a dear friends. It was a fun day where I learnt a lot. 

Then it was off to Melbourne with Corina for a mini break before the 5sos concert which I had used as my excuse for a trip to Melbourne with my camera. 

I then headed to the Gold Coast to see how Denise was going with her new life adventure. Of course it included plenty of laughs including a small bike incident where my handle bars broke and some dragon boat races. 

After two nights in the Gold Coast we headed to Brisbane for another 5sos show. It was then back to Sydney for a few days. This included taking some photos of Jazz at his first big show and then finished off with the final two 5sos shows of 2016. Shows 100 and 101. 

As well as the big ticket items there have been many smaller gems such as Saturday morning bike rides. As well as a few sneaky catch ups with friends and finishing the year off with a few days at the beach with two of my boys. Next year we will try and get all 3 together. We just have to convince Ben he’s had enough adventures. Last year was India and this year Nepal. 

I’m not going to make a New Years resolution for 2017 I will just try and keep up with 2016’s aim for a better life/work balance which includes a focus on improving my health and well being. I strongly believe in a growth mindset both for my students and myself. Watch this space for my next adventure. 

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  1. This is amazing and I love the photos! I noticed we probably have the same camera (Nikon D31oo? ) but I have yet to find out how all the settings work. My New Year reals resultion is getting healthier and getting better at photography. In 2017 ill be traveling to Sydney all the way from Amsterdam and there’s a big chance ill stay there permanently so I’m sure ill have way more to photograph than i have here. I wish you the best of luck with your New Years resolutions and a wonderful 2017 to you and your lovely family!

    Happy new year!

  2. Loved hearing about your adventures and seeing your amazing photos. The love you have and share with us through your photos, is simply very generous. I wish you, your family and 5 SOS an extraordinary New Year, all the best in 2017. Wishing you much love, joy & happiness!❤x

  3. Beautiful photos Liz!! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family <3 I am trying to travel more often and take photos of the places that I visit. Spending the incoming New Year in San Francisco…PARTY!

  4. What a lovely read and a great year for you, a perfect philosophy of a resolution also. Of course mine are broken already, weight loss, shift work interfering with life ..[ as I write this eating cheese and bikkies and drinking beer :/ after getting in after 7pm from work on a public holiday !]. Perhaps we can motivate each other to loose some kilo’s in 2017 !!.
    Your exercise and bike riding is inspiring, good on you and keep it up.
    I wish you and your family the very best for 2017 and continued success for Luke and the boy’s.
    looking forward to more photography from you and adventures you share.

  5. if you’re reading this then hello – I’m a big fan of Luke’s but I wanted to check out your website because I really admire your photography 🙂 I’m thinking of buying myself a camera with my Christmas money, you have been a big inspiration for me with your amazing photos!
    big fan from Greece 🙂

  6. First of all your photos are really good and beautiful (I don’t know anything about photography but to me the picture is good when I can look at it, imagine I’m there and just fall in love simply). Also I’d never really been to your blog but today I decided to check it out and I found it really inspiring and I truly admire you as a person. My mom is a teacher and I cannot imagine her coming home from work and going on a bike trip or something because she has so much work to do and you somehow manage to not only visiting every member of your family but also getting them together and spending as much time with them as you can. Wow. Keep on being so positive and inspiring! All the love from Poland ❤

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