NYC Bus Tour Manhattan and Brooklyn

First day checking out New York started with a ride on the subway and then a bus tour around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Plenty of photo opportunities but challenging as they had to be taken while moving. A few branches to the face from the trees on the side to work on the ducking reaction time.  Andy’s favourite was the dog park with the ramps and mounds like an all terrain course. Watch your head as you go through the intersections.



No trip to New York would be complete without a visit to Ground Zero. We started with a visit to St Paul’s Chapel which was used as a base for the all the people working at Ground Zero following the attack. The fountains that have been constructed  in place of the towers are spectacular and the atmosphere is reverent. The curved building that stands between the Chapel and the pools is called the Oculus.


Next we headed over the Manhatten Bridge to Brooklyn for a quick look around. Must check out the East River up a little closer next. China Town was an interesting place with plenty of graffiti.

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  1. Great ….sitting in traffic 😕..l9oking at your pics on the phone …will look on the “big screen” later…..what a great city to visit.

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