Empire State Building, Wall Street and Ferry on East River

If you are going to do one thing on your visit to NYC go to the top of the Empire State Building (or at least the 86th floor). Pre-purchase your tickets and pay the extra $30 each for the VIP fast track and save yourself potentially 3-4 hours of waiting to go both up and back down. The views are spectacular and you really see how Manhatten is an Island from up there.


I was really surprised by the level of security in the area and how much of a tourist spot Wall Street is. I expected it to just be a bunch of offices. The buildings are impressive, solid stone and built in the early days of settlement. Wall Street was named from the original timber wall that was built by the Dutch to keep out the American Indians, Pirates and the English unsuccessfully.

It was a beautiful day so took the opportunity to see the sights without the fog from yesterday. We caught the ferry from Pier 9 from Wall Street back past the Statue of Liberty to Pier 48 for our final Subway trip home to Long Island City this visit.

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  1. Great shots, love the close ups at the top of the Empire State building ….hmm I think Andy is looking forward to a beer 🙂 ( Cheers)

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