Port Dover Ontario Canada

After spending the day and night at Niagara Falls we made a small detour to Port Dover Ontario for lunch on our way to Hamilton ON. Port Dover is a small beach style tourist spot on the shores of Lake Eyrie. I imagine this place would be kind of a ghost town during the winter but it was very busy being summer and the weekend.

After driving around for quite some time looking for a park we then heading to the tourist information centre to get some clues as to what to do and where to find a public washroom. I think it should be renamed Lack of Information Centre because she was really no help at all.

We finally stumbled upon the public washrooms to find them a temporary style like you would find at a festival in a carpark on the side of the road.

The pub we had lunch at was lovely and overlooked the bay. The food was great probably one of the better meals we have eaten on the entire trip. Skaneateles was the other outstanding meal.

Originally Port Douglas was a fishing village and you can see a statue to commemorate all the fishermen whose lives were lost fishing here. It is hard for me to look at this body of water and see it as a lake as it is so vast. It even has a lighthouse.

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