Japan Travel Adventure – Miyamija

Another day in our Japanese adventure started with a ride on the shinkansen, this time to Hiroshima followed by a ferry ride to Miyamija in Hiroshima Bay. We left it a bit late in booking this day trip as we didn’t realise how popular it would be to travel to Hiroshima during the week which meant we didn’t leave Osaka until mid morning arriving in Hiroshima around lunch time. However, we did appreciate a slower start to the morning as we had been busy from the moment we landed filling day and night with tourist and social activities. It was a short subway ride from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi station which was right near the ferry terminal. Conveniently our JR rail pass allowed us onto the ferry without having to book in advance or pay any extra.

It was a gorgeous sunny day but extremly hot and humid so we were very please to get onto the ferry and enjoy the cool breeze off the water as well as the view.


Corina’s niece had recommended the visit to Miryjima and we were not disappointed. The ferry ride was pretty and the island gorgeous. As you cross the bay you are treated to a view of the Grand Torii Gate which is often partly submerged in the ocean. If I was to visit again I would make sure I allowed an extra day so I could spend an evening on Miryajima to see the gate at both high and low tide and at sunset.

After dismebarking the ferry we were immediately greeted by the local wildlife. Deer roam the island freely and are not at all afraid of humans. If anything they are way too friendly, trying to take anything they think might be food out of your hand or bags.

The village reminded me of a ski village as it was built into the side of the mountain. The shops and houses were colourful and we enjoyed looking at the food stalls and souvenir stores. We tried out the shaved ice with flavouring which was perfect for cooling us off in the hot humid afternoon. We looked longingly at the food but it was just way too hot to eat. I did try out a deepfried oyster at the end of the afternoon which a deer cheekily tried to steal.

After walking through the shops taking our time enjoying the experience we made our way down to the Grand Torii Gate and Itsukushima Shrine. The gate is HUGE! You don’t fully appreciate just how big it is until you stand underneath. Miyamija was one of my top 2 tourist experiences in Japan and also one of the only places we saw lots of foreign tourists. Highly recommended for your bucket list.

You can see more photos on Liz Hemmings Photography on Facebook Miyamija album.

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  1. All of your photography is so amazing! I love your photos. And I wanna see more photos and blog! Arigatou Gozaimasu.

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