Japan Travel Adventure – Pontocho Alley, Gion Geisha District and Nishiki Markets Kyoto Japan

Our first evening in Kyoto was spent walking around Potocho Alley and having the most equisite meal on a deck next to the river. This place highlights the mix of the old with the new that Japan does so elegantly. Historical buildings along side modern buildings, market stall next to modern electronics.

Then after a full day exploring Arashiyama and Hozugawa river we returned to Pontocho Alley to explore further. We just made the Nishiki Markets on closing so only managed a quick walk around while stall holders cleaned up and packed away their goods.


We walked back towards Pontocho Alley this time crossing to the other side of the river to the Gion Geisha District. This area had much less lighting, so we had trouble finding somewhere to sit and have a quiet drink and something to eat. We thought we had found just the place when we saw a man putting out a sign for a bar. While the owner welcomed us in we could tell right away we were out of place. This was confirmed when two geisha came in to sit at the bar. These ladies were elegantly dressed, much less colourful and not at all like the tourist dressed in traditional outfits. When a gentleman joined them we decided to quickly finish our drinks and find somewhere else to eat. We had a good laugh to ourselves and added the experience to our travel memories.


More photos of Pontocho Alley on my fb page.

More photos of Nisikik Markets and Gion Geisha District on my fb page.



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  1. I didn’t know mum of the lead singer of my fav band is so awesome photographer!!!! can’t believe my eyes!!! it’s awesome , Mrs. Hemmings!!!
    can’t compliment enough, i’m speechless…it’s just amazing….

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