USA January 2018

I didn’t have another trip planned after Japan last year but as the end of the year approached I made a late decision to visit LA in January again. This year was for just under two weeks which didn’t allow enough time to do the long road trip like I had in January 2017 to the Grand Canyon again as well as the things on my bucket list in LA.

As we flew into land at LAX the sun was rising on the possibility of almost two weeks of excitement and adventure. I love the feeling of arriving into LA earlier that the time I have left Sydney, it feels like you are Marty McFly having just conquered time travel. We were the first plane into LAX that morning which meant customs was quiet and I had my bags and was on the road in time to see the last of the sunrise.

Having been to LA many times now in the last 5 years I have done lots of the tourist things but for much of my time in LA in the past I was doing normal day to day stuff, keeping house, buying groceries, driving the boys to rehersals and recording sessions and so on. This means there are still a few things left for me to explore. Now I have some friends in the USA it is so much better as I have people to experience those things with.

I also have my favourite things to do like cycling from Santa Moncia Pier to Venice Beach and walking down Melrose looking at the vintage stores. I have been to Universal Studios twice now and Disneyland once so have those covered. This time on my must do list was a hike in the hills, a visit the Griffith Observatory, to walk down Rodeo Drive, take some photos and a day trip somewhere along the West Coast. I managed to fit all these in and a few more as well as spend some time just hanging with my boys.

First on the list was to hug Luke and meet Petunia. She is lovely and huge! Next was a shower and breakfast. The first thing I then do in any new country is organise phone access. The remainder of they day was spent watching Netflix and napping. That night we headed out to dinner and a couple of bars to catch up with some friends. The next day we headed to the Melrose Markets at Fairfax High School. This was my first time there and well worth a look if you are in LA on a Sunday.

Liz and Petunia
Liz and Petunia photo by Trish Vail

One of my favourite places to visit in Los Angeles is Santa Monica. I love the colour, the street performers and the ocean view. Hiring a bike and riding to Venice is a fun activity for people of any fitness. It is a flat ride along a wide path that runs along the beach. If you have never been to Venice Beach it is a must visit. There are market stalls and shops and a whole lot of characters.

One place on the to do list was a walk down Rodeo Drive. I had driven down it before but never walked along it. I didn’t walk into any of the stores and there are no prices in the windows which means I can’t afford to shop in them.

Just near Rodeo Drive I found a cupcake ATM. That’s right, an ATM that dispenses cupcakes instead of cash. I got the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing one for me and one for Trisha’s Aunt Susie. It was delish.

That about covers my first few days in Los Angeles. More to come…

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  1. Omy, sounds like you had so much fun 🎉 All the photos look amazing ❤️ Can’t wait for more interesting stories about all your adventures :)))

    1. This photos are amazing! I really enjoyed this so much And I like to travel by myself there And see that beautiful things, And places. Continue with photography cause There are really beautiful and profesional, Keep taking more! 📸

  2. These photos are beautiful!! I love to travel myself (although I just made this account to comment on these amazing photos). It’s honestly the small things in life that you find beauty in and it’s amazing! Keep up the amazing photography I can’t wait to see more! Beautiful work, well done.

  3. Loved the pictures, loved the videos and loved the way you wrote this… it’s like if i has been there with you.

  4. Those photos are so amazing, I also really love the video of the sunrise in LA – so beautiful! I’m taking photography as an A-Level to be able to take photos as good as yours when I got traveling 🙂 Seems as though you had a great time and hopefully we’ll get another travel blog soon? X

  5. You really doing a good job ❤ and i really love all those your amazing photography’s its always looks beautiful ❤

  6. Wow i really like all the things that you did there. Your photos are amazing and the way you describe the places made me feel like i were there. Now i have one place more in my list. You did an incredible work. Now i wanto to travel to LA.

  7. ahh Liz I’m so happy that you had an amazing time there with the boys and you finally got to see the baby Petunia she looks so cuddly and sweet; the photos you took are really breathtaking and makes me wanna move there even more ♡

  8. I loved the cupcake ATM! There are so many amazing things in LA, I wish I had spent more time in LA when I visited it. The pictures are beautiful, I wish I knew how to do what you do. Looking forward to read more!

  9. Your photography is so breath taking. It makes me want to travel to LA that much more. I’m also happy that you were so excited about your cupcake❤️

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