Tassie Day 3 Bicheno to Deloraine

Today started before dawn as Bicheno was our best option for a sunrise while we were still on the east coast.

A heavy blanket of cloud spoilt any chance of a killer sunrise but we didn’t know that as we headed to the blow hole pre-dawn and found a good spot.

The beach area was deserted except for a few crabs and seals to keep us company. There was also a small dingy of hearty souls heading out for an early morning fish.

The colour on the horizon just at day break was a tease of what could have been without the blanket of cloud.

After the sun was up we headed back to our hotel via the slickest looking bakery in the main street of Bicheno. Andy reports the coffee was good and the cafe was spotless. A quick shower and some breakfast in our room before hitting the road to Deloraine.

Next stop was St. Helens for a coffee and a hot chocolate before heading to the Pub in the Paddock at Pyengana which is one of her oldest pubs in Tasmania.

After checking out Priscilla the beer drinking pig and a quick stop at the Pyengana Dairy for some chilli cheese then it was west into the bush where we had no phone signal or internet. It was here we came across some tourists needing assistance. They were stopped on the side of a very narrow windy road and their car had been clipped by a bus on a tight bend rendering it undriveable.

We gave Jesse who was from the UK and two other tourists on from Japan and the other fro the Phillipines a lift to the nearest town to get help.

We then left them in the capable hands of the lovely staff at the pub in Westbury to organise a tow.

The remainder of the drive was uneventful and we arrived in Deloraine before dark where we checked into our pub accomodation.

Andy has especially booked an en-suite room. Well. There was a shower, toilet and hand basin but it would have been better without I then. While the room was clean and the hotel staff were lovely. The room was not great. It was cramped and the bed up against one wall making it impossible to get in and out of on that side. The “en-suite” was an open corridor behind the bed head and you had to walk through the shower to get to the toilet. Apparently according to the owner this is the first of the “European styled” rooms they had done. I sincerely hope that the “Bali” room is their last.

Dinner in the cafe attached was great and the shared lounge and breakfast area was comfortable and warm. We had a lovely chat with a lady from England who was travelling around Australia after coming to visit her daughter in Adelaide.

Next stop Stanley….

The photos in my blog are a mix of iPhone snaps with some taken on my Nikon D500 and then edited in light room.

2 replies to “Tassie Day 3 Bicheno to Deloraine

  1. Loved this blog Liz especially Priscilla, so kind of you both to help the tourists who were in a bit of bother .love to read your blogs as I don’t go on holidays so it’s amazing to see the places you go to in photos and the blogs are all awesome

  2. Pricilla sounds very amusing! The accommodations do look like they were very tight. If only for one night you just have to make the best of it. I just love the second photo with the water!

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