Central Coast NSW Mini Adventure

With a photography conference planned for the weekend we headed up the coast a day early to try and spot some whales, have a morning cycle and to catch the sunset with our cameras.

Banksia and Bees Nora Head July 2019-0983Banksia and Bees Nora Head July 2019-0984

There were some beautiful banskia lining the path next to Nora Head Light house and the bees were having a lovely time in the sun feeding. We did manage to see some whales in the distance blowing but none were close enough to photograph.

The Entrance July 2019-1041The Entrance July 2019-1054The Entrance July 2019-1056The Entrance July 2019-1067The Entrance July 2019-1071The Entrance July 2019-1072The Entrance July 2019-1073

We arrived at Picnic Point Reserve just before sunset along with the pelicans and cormorants. The bull rushes made a nice backdrop to what was an otherwise fairly uneventful sunset.

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