Vietnam Adventure 2020. And so it begins!

Kicking off the year and the decade with an overseas adventure to Vietnam.

Any adventure starts with the transport. First the limited stops Blue Mountains train from Penrith to Central and then onto the airport to meet my travel companions. Even though it’s a work day the train is quiet due to being in that limbo time after Christmas and New Year but before most people return to work that happens each year in Australia.

Luke surprised me with business class flights. What a luxury.

The Champagne was dry and cold and the food was very nice. My favourite was the soup with the appertiser.

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and were fast tracked through customs and out to wait for our tour guide and van. As we walked outside we were greeted by a hot humid afternoon and a bustling busy city buzzing with preparations for the new year.

I was very glad not to be driving on these crowded, crazy streets and even happier not to be on a scooter.

Our hotel The Park Hyatt is glorious and the staff are friendly and attentive. On our first night we had a fabulous dinner in the hotel restaurant after we had freshened up and had taken walk to short explore around the streets, although none of use were brave enough to cross the street. We did learn how to do this the next day. The cars and bikes don’t stop for pedestrian crossings or even lights. According to our guide the next day these things are merely for decoration or so that if you get his by a car you are legally in the right.

Time to rest up after our flight to start the adventures with Nhan our tour guide early the next morning.

Note: All photos in this blog are iphone snaps and videos

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. So beautiful. Amazing places to be. So happy you are able to do this. I enjoy getting your emails. Seeing all your photos is the best thing ever!

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