Vietnam Adventure 2020 Day 4. Exploring the tributaries of the Meekong.

What an adventure we had today. After a 2 hour drive to the Meekong River Delta we had a look around a traditional brick making business before boarding a boat for a leisurely trip along the river.

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The ride was peaceful and we stopped along the way to experience some of the local cuisine.

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First stop was to taste some coconut candy. We also had the option to taste some cobra rice wine which we declined but we did taste the banana and coconut wines.

We also had some honey tea and fruit with spicy salt all while we were entertained by a trio singing traditional songs celebrating the coming new year.

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After our morning tea stop it was back onto our boat before disembarking a little further down the river to walk through the countryside along the quiet laneways. We stopped in for a visit at a local riverside market to check out the fresh produce we could look forward to later at lunch.

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Then we visited a traditional sleeping mat making business before getting into a tuk tuk to head to a local restaurant for lunch.

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What an amazing treat in the middle of no where. Deep fried talapia in rice paper rolls was the hero dish. That and the huge prawns were my favourites.

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After lunch we walked to the river where we got into some row boats for a quiet trip back along the river to our tuk tuk did the trip back to our van for the trip back to our hotel.

Row boat back from lunch

After a relax by the pool we headed out to a local restaurant by taxi. A 10 minute taxi ride was approx 30 000 Don exquivalent to around $2.50 Australian. The restaurant, Con Ga Trong, was decorated with lots of roosters.

The signature dish is roasted chicken with ginger and garlic which along with everything else was delicious. We also had deep fried sea bass, a pork dish and lemon grass beef ribs and fried sticky rice.

After dinner we headed down to the water to a roof top bar for a relaxing drink with live music before walking back along the brightly lit street decorated ready for new year.

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