Vietnam Adventure Ha Noi to Oz. Day 13. Saying goodbye to Vietnam.

There was time for one last walk around the streets near the lake. This time without my camera, and on my own as I flew out later than the others. I enjoyed wandering through the locals and some tourists. It was very different walking around without the streets being closed, far less relaxed.

These kids were so cute all holding onto the person in front of them as their teacher I am assuming, walked them through the park. The little girls in their Ao Dai are almost too cute to bear.

Older folk rested and chatted while the younger ones played around entertaining them selve. This young man is climbing a tree. I don’t think he was in any danger of falling.


Every city we visited had photo shoots happening in the streets. Some were wedding photos but there were lots like these that I never figured out the reason for them and perhaps it was just for Instagram. These ladies were dressed in traditional Ao Dai.

I had a last walk around the lake before heading back to my hotel. I really wanted to make the most of my visit and other than the traffic I felt very safe walking around on my own. I was interviewed again this time a survey about Tet and the New Year to see what I knew and for the young man to practise his English. Young people and school students who want to improve their English will ask to interview tourists to help them practise.

This morning was the only time that I saw any Police intervention or control at intersections. It was also the only time I saw motorbikes actually stop at red lights. It was nice to feel a little safer to cross the street.

The rain cut my walk a little short but I had a nice 45 min stroll around. Browsed in a few shops and then back to the hotel to wait for my transfer to Ha Noi airport for my flight to Ho Chi Minh city before my final flight back to Oz.

I am going to miss Vietnam and I will miss Luke, Sierra and Vu who were wonderful travel companions.

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