Maiden Voyage of the DJI Mini 2

My Christmas present this year was a DJI Mini 2 drone. Now I have never flown a drone but have wanted to try one out for a while as I am so jealous of the high shots being such a shortie.

I didn’t actually buy the drone until after Christmas hoping for a good price in the Boxing Day sales. Of course the DJI Mini 2 was the only one not on sale but I did manage to find a store in Melbourne with free postage and 5% off so I ordered the Fly More pack and waited excitedly.

The drone did not arrive until after New Year and due to things I needed to get done to go away and the awful weather I did not get a chance to try it out before I left for my trip.

Day 5 of the trip we had some fine weather, no wind, a quiet spot with no witnesses and also outside a no fly zone, finally I got to try out the drone.

We had driven into the Bournda National Park and found the perfect spot. A clear space with no one around to see my embarrasing lack of skill. I am not from the generation of kids that grew up with computer games and so I have no experience using a controller at all!

After going through the pre-flight checks it was time to take off. I was pretty nervous, imagine crashing this thing on my first flight. I followed the Learn to Fly program and realised I had forgotten all the training videos I had watched.

I did forget to press record before taking off the first time, not realising it didn’t record automatically. After the training take off and landing, left, right up down etc. I was ready to fly.

This time I pressed record and I got some footage of the nearby lagoon which was hidden behind the trees, it’s certainly not cinemamatic but I can’t believe how smooth the recording is.

Enjoy some behind the scenes recorded by Corina along with my first footage. It is a bit of a laugh if nothing else. I look forward to building my confidence and getting some fun videos.

I did manage to get some more drone footage later in the trip at Camel Rock which you will see in a future blog post.

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  1. That was awesome for first go, I would assume a soft touch is needed.
    They are often down at Northo Dog Park and watching the dogs chase them including Miss P is hilarious.
    Onwards and definitely upwards with this little beautie. How exciting 🙂

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