Hershey PA Road Trip and Concert

We had a full day of driving to get from Connecticut to Hershey via a stop in Newark. We drove for nearly 8 hours and covered hundreds of miles. Mostly on the freeway or turnpikes. We drove across the George Washington Bridge which was hectic. Loads of traffic, many lanes and 2 layers of roadway.

We had a couple of adventures along the way, one was a 30 minute detour looking for services that were signposted but didn’t exist. The other was a black Trans Am with no plates and blacked out windows go flying past us in the break down lane just after we had passed a police car with a speed camera. Just as we said “how did he get past the speed trap” we saw the police car lights and sirens flying down the left hand lane chasing him. As far as we saw there was no way he got him, although there was a toll booth just ahead so he may have got caught up in that mess.  We didn’t see either again and the Trans Am was hooting with no visible markings or plates.

Hershey is a cool town that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. The Hershey Park Stadium right next to the theme park. The whole town is chocolate themed, even our hotel smelt like chocolate.

Hershey stadium is one of my all time favourite venues, it’s an outdoor small stadium. It is used as a football field and for concerts. Everyone there is always friendly and helpful and the atmosphere rocks. 5SOS also rocked the place for the 3rd year running and again everyone had a blast.


4 replies to “Hershey PA Road Trip and Concert

  1. You’re an amazing photographer! I wish I could have found a photo like your Sunset crowd photo for my ‘Concert Survival Guide’ Blog Post that I posted a while back on our blog, It would have fit in really well! I’m looking forward to seeing more amazing photos from around the world, It is Encouraging and Motivating for me to save up and go to places like this! Would love to get a photo off you one day when I find one that suits a future blog post!
    xx Shell (theanxiousbloggers.com)

  2. Amazing pictures Liz (as always!) and great stories!! I’m so happy you and everyone enjoyed being in Hershey!! We had an amazing time and we’re excited to possibly see you guys next year!! Have fun with the rest of tour! love you!

  3. This is so cool!! I just saw this now but I was at that concert and it was amazing!! These are such good photos!! I’m glad you guys enjoyed Hershey! 😊

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