Finger Lakes Area – Upper NY State

Today we travelled from Hershey to Auburn in the Finger Lakes Area NY. This was an unintended stop over due to a slight scheduling miscalculation. Once we got off the Freeway we had about 45 mins of beautiful countryside to travel through before the Lakes area.

Auburn was a very quiet place as we explored late on Sunday afternoon of the 4th of July weekend. Not much was open but we did manage to forage for some supplies for a relaxing evening in our very nice hotel.

The history of the area is pretty rich for such a small town with some impressive stone buildings including the Courthouse and St Peter’s Church.

Harriet Tubman is part of the very rich history of this town as she settled here after escaping from slavery. She then went on to become a huge part of the Underground Railroad leading many expeditions into the South helping to free hundreds of slaves.



3 replies to “Finger Lakes Area – Upper NY State

  1. These are amazing photos of my hometown area! I wish I could make them into postcards! You guys should have ventured into the Fingerlakes a little more into Ithaca, NY. There are about so many different waterfalls and state parks. You would have loved photographing them. 🙂

      1. There’s always next time 🙂 Glad you at least got to see some of and capture the beauty of Upstate. Hope you at least got a chance to try some of the Finger Lakes wine!

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