Seneca Falls Upstate NY

Seneca Falls is a village in the Finger Lakes District a short drive from Auburn NY. We decided to visit there to fill in some time before heading to Skaneateles which was our next booked accommodation.  What attracted us was the historical aspect of the Women’s rights movement that began in Seneca Falls with a convention held on 19-20 July 1848. This was the first women’s rights convention organised by women to discuss women’s rights.

The actual memorial park which we went to visit was underwhelming, however, the town itself is beautiful. It has quaint little buildings and a beautiful canal system and lake.

After a good look around the canal area and park we finished off with a visit to the museum. The most interesting part was the bottom floor which had a hands on area for kids. This included a hand water pump and a description and examples of how pulley’s work. You will also see a bit of advice from the local pub owner below.

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