Darien Lake NY

We travelled from Syracuse to Darien Lake for the next concert. Our accommodation was about 25 minutes to the venue in Batavia. Batavia was a strange place with loads of older motels but very little else except a casino. Andy got to experience his first trip to Walmart.

The show was held in an amphitheatre next to the Darien Lake Amusement Park. The day was hot and the crowd were pumped and the band used their energy to put on an outstanding performance. The night finished with some well timed fireworks from the park next door during the encore.

9 replies to “Darien Lake NY

  1. sometimes they make some pretty funny faces…but these are sUCH GOOD HQ PICTURES AND I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING THEM FOR US

  2. Okay.. so.. those pictures are wonderful ! And the four models are beautiful ! Ahah ! You can be proud of your son Liz, I am sure you are !

  3. Thank you all for visiting! Niagara Falls is beautiful anytime of the year . If you ever come back; stay in Buffalo. There is lots more to do and nicer places to stay.

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