Syracuse NY

A short trip from one side of the Finger Lakes Area to the other to get to the next 5sos show which was in Syracuse. The hotel we stayed in was literally in the middle of nowhere. The show was being held next to the fair grounds in a newly constructed amphitheatre next to Onondaga Lake. The fair grounds are the home of the annual New York State Fair.

Unfortunately the lake is very polluted due to steel manufacturing which allowed heavy metals including mercury to leak into the lake from the 60’s until about 20 years ago. It has taken until recently for the town to win a lawsuit to have the area restored. This restoration process has begun and in the years to come this should be a very attractive area with resorts planned around the fairgrounds.

Syracuse NY (24 of 20)

The centre of the town of Syracuse was about a 10 minute drive away. There were some nice older style buildings and a farmers market. The highlight was meeting a friendly guy called Nick. We were taking photos of the Council building which looked kind of like a castle and debating if it was a church in the past.  He told us what the building was and gave us a run down on the rest of the area.

Of course the whole reason were we in town was for the 5sos concert. The boys played a great show and the setting next to the lake was pretty. For me the highlight was the Dad behind us in front of house who loved the guitar battle in Cast Away.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. I’m aspiring to be a photographer and photojournalist. I really want to do music photography and seeing your photos makes me want to do it even more. Thank you and btw…I’m already in love with this blog.

  2. Syracuse and the surrounding areas are so beautiful hopefully you’ll be able to come back and explore some more. Your pictures are so lovely. If you ever come back you should look into the gorges in Ithaca, New York. They are amazing .

  3. It’s been over a month since this concert I can’t believe it! Thank you for sharing your journey and documenting through amazing photography!! Seeing this pictures inspire me everyday to keep going and to work hard so I can fulfill my dreams one day. Thank you thank you thank you!

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