Skaneateles NY

We maximised our story book village experience in Skaneateles by staying in a boutique hotel. The town was very busy as we drove through on Sunday and again when we arrived around lunchtime on Monday. The village is set next to Skaneateles Lake, one the of the Finger Lakes, which means Long Lake in one of the local Iroquoian languages.

Our biggest challenge was “how do you pronounce Skaneateles“? Seems we are not the only ones that have had that issue.

A claim to fame is that it is the 3rd cleanest lake in the country and the cleanest of the Finger Lakes. The water is crystal , you can see the fish and the bottom clearly.

The lake was very busy with boats, tours and jet skiers. There is a temporary dock set up over the summer to accomodate all the traffic.

We had lunch at Bluewater which is a bar and restaurant set next to the lake with boat parking underneath. The food was outstanding particularly the clam chowder. We had to wait half an hour for a table but it was worth the wait.

Sitting on the verandah of our boutique hotel which is really off the main tourist area and we meet 2 guys who are travelling from Toronto to Boston. They are teachers from Sydney Grammar. One teaches language and the other Physics and Chemistry. What are the odds?

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