5sos in Montreal

After a full day’s drive from Toronto to Montreal we arrived to find that although our hotel looked quite sketchy from the outside and the carpark it was beautiful inside. The added bonus was that it was walking distance to the Bell Centre.

Having visited Montreal in 2011 I was super disappointed not to have time to look around again. Montreal is in Quebec, and is like suddenly being in Europe. All the signs are in French and everyone speaks French. Not just that they can speak French, they speak French to you first, then English when they realise you are not as clever as them to speak two languages.

Once again the band played an outstanding gig and the audience were very enthusiastic right from the first note.

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  1. I SAW YOU AND I WAS SO HAPPY. The show was amazing I hope the guys know how amazing they are! ❤️❤️

  2. I was at this show and had one of the best nights i’ve had in a while. These boys make me very happy, so thank you for capturing the atmosphere of the night perfectly, you have such a talent!

  3. My friend was In that concert and sent me videos it was awesome and tha photos you took are amazing

  4. I LOVE these photos, especially the one where Ashton looks like he’s just sat at the drums haha (but i love more than i can name, particularly the ones that capture the atmosphere perfectly, and where they look like they’re having a laugh)! Genuinely wishing that one day i can take pictures like these, guess i just have to go to a 5sos concert first! xx

  5. hi i was wondering if you have more photos of the crowd? I saw you taking a picture of my friends and I, we were in PIT 1 (Michael’s side). Thank you very much. These pictures are wonderful !

  6. I’m so happy you enjoyed your (short) visit to our beautiful city! I hope you had a wonderful day and plan to come back soon! And as always, thank you for the beautiful pictures of our sunshines, it means the world to us fans! xox

  7. Thank you for capturing these moments and I loved the show it was the second time I saw them live and it was just as good as the first. I love your pictures and your blog ❤️

  8. My friend and I drove up from the states (Vermont) for the Montreal date! Your photos are amazing Mrs. Hemmings, you really do a great job with them! My favorite is either the one of Michael playing piano or the one where Calum and Luke are facing each other smiling. 😊

  9. I was wondering if you could tell me wich hotel you were because i was in Montreal for 2 days and i also walked from the hotel to the Bell Center so… And actually your pictures are ABSOLUTLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  10. Perfect Liz ! , with all that stuff going on you still kept the guys and main features in focus, it’s really great photography …and you had a fan that loved you 🙂 , how good is that ….

      1. I can see, you have a great feeling for this photography and it’s nice to see that you really have it mastered

  11. I saw the boys at their concert there! It was awesome! It has been 3 years since I last saw them. Hope you’ll comeback soon to discover more about Montreal and maybe learn a little bit of French here 😉 Au revoir!

  12. These pictures are so amazing!! I want to be a photographer some day, and these give me a lot of inspiration. My favorite is the one of Michael at the piano!

  13. These photos are absolutely STUNNING. It’s incredible how they have so much clarity, especially with the boys jumping around like they do. I want to be a photographer some day, and these pictures give me a lot of inspiration! My favorite picture is the one of Michael at the piano. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope I get to meet you when you’re in Denver.

  14. These pictures are so beautiful 😍 i went to a college for a year for Photography,it is my dream to be a professional photographer and i look at your photos to inspire me ❤ 5sos inspire me to follow my dreams and to never give up, like Luke didnt give up on his dream. They make me happy and im glad to be able to see my happiness in a month in Denver:) love you liz!

  15. Thank you so much Liz!! At the show, i was too much excited and i took like 2 photos :’) and now i can have some memories (other than my videos where i only hear me screaming 😂)

  16. This concert was so amazing. I hope they’ll come back in Montreal one day for another concert! I hope you liked our little city. Maybe you’ll have to learn a little bit of French next time;) And your pictures are beautiful. This was the best night of my entire life.

  17. I just want to say thank you for taking the picture of my best friend and me and actually posting it. That is the very first picture we have together as thanks to this band they brought us together. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work.

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