Weehawken New Jersey

After Montreal we decided to head straight back to NYC to give ourselves an extra day there before Madison Square Garden and then heading home. We couldn’t get a room in the hotel we had booked for the following night so decided to stay in New Jersey near Hoboken. The place we chose was in Weehawken and what a fantastic accident it turned out to be.

Our hotel was lovely and right next to the harbour. I loved NYC but couldn’t see myself ever living there but Weehawken felt like home. It is a beautiful setting right next to the river with views of NYC including the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower and only an 8 min ferry ride to midtown. It was very quiet with and felt a lot like being in Sydney near Darling Harbour only a lot less people. It probably helped a lot that it was summer, I don’t think it would have felt as much like home if it was snowing.

We took a short stroll along the shoreline looking for somewhere for dinner and stumbled upon Pier 13. All along the pier were food caravans with a fantastic variety of dishes from around the world. We settled on Pad Thai which was amazing. We were treated to some live music coming across the water from the adjacent pier. That and a clear warm night were the perfect backdrop to our dinner under the full moon after a lovely sunset.

One of the highlights of NYC is how friendly everyone is and that extends over the river to New Jersey. The area felt very safe, we saw a number of women jogging around the waterfront on their own in the evening. At no time did I feel like I would be nervous to walk around there.



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  1. Pad Thai, Live music and gorgeous views with a sunset backdrop.
    You basically describe one of my ideal holiday dates, Now I just need to find the husband to share it with! Amazing as always Liz, I love coming on after a long week and finding a bunch of posts to read and your posts are now one of my favourites to read!
    xxShell (theanxiousbloggers.com)

  2. Being born and raised in NJ, I’m glad you had a nice time here. NJ gets a bad rap since people think the area around Newark airport is all we have to offer. Love your shot of the Empire State building, one of my favorites in the city.

  3. My family would like To visit NY one day but I ‘ m not very well with this idea I ‘ m much more country than big city and your photo and text have brought me a kind of possible compromise.

  4. I just visited New York in May. I agree with you, not the ideal place to live, far to crowded for my liking 😉 but I really enjoyed being able to see what “the big apple” was all about. This gave me such nostalgia, and now I want to visit again! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for your next post!

  5. Liz you take such amazing pictures. Also I saw the boys in Detroit Michigan and it was safe to say it was the best night of my life. You did an amazing job helping raise the four. What beautiful human beings. I love them so much.
    You must be one proud mom.

  6. Liz Hemmings, your such an amazing photographer and mom. The boys made last night the best night of my life. 5sos, to you I owe the best night of my life. Not only was it the best concert I have ever seen, it was my favorite. 7/28/16 was the best day of my life. I got to see the four people that mean more to me than anything in the world. The people I look up to. Someday I hope to become as amazing of a musician as all four of you are. You guys were the ones who inspired me to make music, and helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life. I cannot say how much you guys truly mean to me.
    One of my favorite parts was when Michael looks out into the crowd and just stares out into the crowd with a huge grin on his face. The realization keeps hitting me. I was in the same room as 5 Seconds Of Summer. The whole thing felt like a dream. As heartbreaking as it was to watch them go, it won’t be the last time I see them. I love you Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood,
    and Luke Hemmings.
    Keeping spreading read love like you always do. Xx
    You must be a proud mom.

  7. I am so glad you like new jersey! I know I do. I just discovered your blog and I love it. You are an amazing photographer and writer. -Katie 🙂

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