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5 Seconds of Summer in Melbourne

5sos very kindly timed their Australian leg of their world tour with the NSW school holidays. This meant I could get back on the road with my own mini tour/ holiday. After a couple of days in Melbourne with friends we finished up with the 5sos concert. The stage had a slightly different set up to many of the USA shows which meant I could get even closer to the action. In had a great time being back in the pit and the boys played an awesome gig despite only arriving 2 days earlier from Mexico.

More photos on my facebook page. Liz Hemmings Photography on Facebook

9 replies to “5 Seconds of Summer in Melbourne

  1. All these photos are absolutely breathtaking! This takes me back to when i had the best night of my life at this concert. Every one of these photos captures the boy’s true beauty and talent. Love ya Liz xx

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  2. That’s awesome you got to join the boys on the road, the timing could not have been more perfect. You captured some stunning shots too, you can see the pure happiness in Ashton’s face in that last one. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself xx

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  3. I love your photos,they’re always perfect in every detail,it seems like you’re there and that’s amazing
    You’re a great photographer Liz,love you have a good dayy xx

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  4. Photos that you take are appreciated ! The concerts this time were totally unforgettable since my daughter, her friend & I got to be in the pod area at the stage ..& we got fantastic photos too.
    Big Smiles from Scotland as always 🙂

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