5 Seconds of Summer in Brisbane

The second concert for 5sos in Australia was in Brisbane. It was a beautiful spring night and the venue was perfect being outdoors. My favourite venues are outdoor venues and I have gotten to experience quite a few in the USA over the past few years, this one in Brisbane, the Riverside stage was every bit as great. There is a small standing area near the stage and the rest is grass. What better way to spend a spring evening than sitting on the grass listening to some great tunes.

As a photographer who is a bit height challenged I also loved this venue for its lower stage. I felt a little too close at times, almost as if I was getting in the way.

The boys played a great gig, as usual and the crowd had a ball. I am sure anyone who was there would agree. We stayed in a lovely hotel that was a short walk through the botanic gardens to the venue. No parking or traffic to deal with. All in all a perfect evening.

More photos at Liz Hemmings Photography on Facebook

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  1. Liz , you have inspire me to do photography! I never thought that I would enjoyed or have the talent to do it. but I took some pictures and I really enjoyed it. So thank you so much from inspiring me to do something I would have never thought I would love to do.

  2. I bought two 5SOS Photos which are truly Amazing the service was First Class I would recommend Liz Hemmings Photography to anyone looking to hire a Photographer Well Done Liz

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