5 Seconds of Summer in Sydney

The second last show for 5 Seconds of Summer for 2016 was show 100 of their Sounds Live, Feels Live Tour. It was played in their home town of Sydney in the iconic Hordern Pavilion. It was pretty special as many of our family and friends got to share the experience.

This was also the last show for the year that I photographed. I think I went to a total of 12 5SOS shows in 2016, 8 in the USA and Canada and 4 in Australia. The last show for the year I left my camera back stage and just enjoyed being part of the audience. I love to take photos of the band and the audience but being out in the crowd without my camera gave me the chance to soak it all in and just enjoy being a proud parent.

For more photos from this show follow the album link below to my facebook page.

5 Seconds of Summer in Sydney Album

3 replies to “5 Seconds of Summer in Sydney

  1. Hi liz love your photo from slfl sydney show it is amazing to see that family and friends get to exprience the boys awsome performence and enjoy am very pround of the boys on the journey they been though and wish for more to come soon😊

  2. Omg this is so pretty
    I admire you as a woman, I admire your work, I admire everything about you
    I have no words for this beauty monument

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