Sedona AZ

After spending one afternoon and most of the next day exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon the road trip continued to Sedona Arizona. What should have been a 2 – 3 hour drive turned out to be much longer due to the snow and rain and some navigational issues. As our reward for the unintended detour we got to see Humphrey’s Peak covered in snow. This is the highest peak of the San Francisco Range in Arizona.

Sedona AZ - Jan 2017-8555

Once we arrived in Sedona – just as the sun was going down over the gorgeous red rocks we were about  975 km (606 miles) from our starting point of Los Angeles CA and we had driven through 3 states on the West of the USA.

Sedona has the most wonderful scenery. The colours remind me of the centre of Australia.  All red dirt and rocks.Unlike the centre of Australia there is a reasonably sized town surrounded by the rocks. It is hard to imagine how they came to settle in the middle of the desert.

Unfortunately it was raining for most of the trip and I didn’t manage a sunset photo which all look amazing around the town. I did manage a few photos of different areas around Sedona during short breaks in the weather.

The buildings in and around the town are all tuscan styled and our hotel was the same. We stayed at Los Abrigados Resort for two nights and it was perfect.

The township of Sedona has many cool shops featuring some local art and jewellery. The best find, however, was meeting a Navajo woman who had made some jewellery and was selling it off a blanket on the ground in the carpark near Bell Rock. She was trying to raise money to compete in a half marathon. I wish I had had more cash with me as the jewellery was gorgeous and super reasonably priced. The bracelet I purchased which she said had a wellness circle on it has not tarnished despite having showered in it a number of times.

This town is on my must visit again list, next time when it’s not raining I hope.

More photos from Sedona on Liz Hemmings Photography Facebook Page

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