Universal Studios

The adventures of Liz and Trish continued in and around Los Angeles after our road trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Luckily we picked one of the few fine days during my trip to LA to go to Universal. This trip was the first time I had really seen it rain in LA but rain it did.

This was my second visit to Universal Studios in Los Angeles CA. Last time I went on my own and that was fun but this time was so much better sharing it with a friend.

My favourite experience at Universal Studios is the back lot tour. It’s fun to pick out sets form movies and shows you’ve seen and I love spotting different sets from here in shows and movies that you watch as it brings back memories of my travels. The only disappointing part of the tour was the jaws set was closed for maintenance but there was still plenty to see from the courthouse from Back to the Future to items from Jurassic Park. Also there’s the challenge of taking photos from a moving vehicle to add to the fun. And despite seeing trailers and wardrobes waiting for actors to come off set I’m yet to see a big (or even small) name star back stage while on the tour.

A couple of new things this time were the Donkey from shrek and Harry Potter World. Not as impressive as the Florida Harry Potter World so I am told but fun still the same.

The animal show is always fun, as is the special effects show. I am not a big fan of rides but there is still plenty to do without them.

Universal Studios - Jan 2017-8833

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