Disneyland CA

Our adventure continued to Disneyland CA, this was the first time I had been to Disneyland in my many trips to LA. It is such a fun place full of happy families. There’s so many rides and activities you could spend a few days there.

I only went on two rides, The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Carribean. Both were fun one a bit tamer than the other. I missed the fireworks while we were in Club 33 having dinner but I still got to see the castle lit up in the dark even if it was missing the fireworks.

We ended the night with front row seats at the electric light parade which was gorgeous and worth waiting around for.

More photos on lizhemmings photography facebook page

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  1. I love Disneyland and have an annual pass. I suggest you go again to experience more that it has to offer. I’ve never seen Club 33 as it cost 10,000 a year, not including the 25,000 initiation fee. What was it like?

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Disneyland visit… these pictures capture the magic it has! I love going there! Its one of my favorite places! Hope you go again soon!

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