Venice Beach CA

Just like any beach side town, walking through Venice Beach in winter is a completely different experience. The life and colour is missing. The art on the buildings provide a fun background to what is usually a place for of people shopping, walking, cycling or roller blading. 

The cafes are full and the stores spill out onto the street with stalls set up selling arts and crafts to the visitors. The street performers in summer add another layer of interest. 

Even though it was quiet the view is still beautiful and most relaxing even if a little chilly. I missed the fun but a visit to LA wouldn’t feel right without a visit to Venice Beach.

More photos at Liz Hemmings phtotography facebook page

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      1. I always thought since it’s in the South and closer to Latin America than most states that it doesn’t snow there. Many thanks for the info Ms. Liz 😊

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