San Diego and La Jolla – USA Road Trip October 2018

I had intented to write about this adventure as it happened but we spent so much time adventuring there was no time for anything else. In other words we packed in the fun and made the most of the two weeks. Then as I went straight back to work it has taken until now to go through all my photos and think about sharing my experiences.

After landing in LA and driving to San Diego, which you can read more about in the last blog post, Corina and I spent the first 3 days of our time in the USA in San Diego. This was fantastic. It is such a fun place with so much to do. From drinking giant marguritas and eating fantastic Mexican food to exploring the beautiful coastline.

San Diego is on the West Coast of California a couple of hours drive south of Los Angeles and is very close to Mexico and the Mexican influence is evident throughout the town. It is colourful and fun with so much amazing food. I could have stayed there for weeks.

Nearby San Diego is La Jolla Cove, which has gorgeous scenery and has a sea and sealion rookery.  We spent the afternoon watching the sealions play in the ocean, wrestle on the rocks and relax.

It was a beautiful day, the temperature was just right and as evening drew close we looked for the perfect spot to watch the sun set. We walked south from the seal rookery to a less crowded spot to wait for the sun to set. Luckily only a couple of other people decided we had found the spot and we got to take some uninterrupted pictures of the view.

San Diego and La Jolla Photos

The road trip itinerary was planned around seeing some of the 5 Seconds of Summer shows on their USA Meet You There Tour. Day 3 in San Diego finished with the first of the 4 concerts that we planned to attend. It was a fun show and so much fun seeing the guys play live again. It was a late night and a very early morning to give us time to get to the next venue. Next stop San Jose …….

5SOS in San Diego Photos

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