San Jose and San Francisco Road Trip USA October 2018

After a late night in San Diego we got up super early to make the trip to San Jose. On Google Maps it was about an 8 hour trip but knowing the only way from San Diego to San Jose is through Los Angeles we need to get away early enough to make it through LA before the peak hour or we would be stuck for ages to get from one side to the other.

It was a very long trip anyway with a few stops for fuel, food and to revive and survive. When we arrived in San Jose our hotel did not look anything like the photos online. After a 12 hour trip in total I was less than impressed to have to drag my heavy suitcase up two flights of metal stairs on the outside of the building. My face said it all when the owner told me there was no lift. I could have cried but I sucked it up and managed it and the room itself was fine.

The reason for the quick trip was so we could make it to the next show in the 5SOS Meet You There Tour. It was a bit of a walk to the venue which was inside a college campus. Along the way we saw fraternity houses just like in American movies with Greek letters on the front.

After a short walk around the neighbourhood we found our way into the venue and had a great night at the show.

San Jose 5SOS Meet You There Tour show photos

It was a fun night catching up with the guys in San Jose both at the show and relaxing after so we had a slower start to the morning to make the relatively short trip to San Francisco. It also mean facing lugging the heavy suitcases back down the two flights of stairs but gravity was working with us this time.

Arriving in San Francisco around lunch time we booked into our hotel. Again it was not quite what it had looked like in the photos online. It was quite run down and smelt strange. It did have a microwave and a fridge but you couldn’t have both of these plugged in at the same time. We also discovered in the morning, much to our dismay, that the shower didn’t work but that was denied by the manager as we checked out who tried to tell us we just didn’t know how to turn the tap on? But despite the accomodation we had a fun time in San Francisco even if it was a short visit.

After checking into our hotel we got out of there as quickly as possible and went for a walk to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was a lovely sunny day and after a quick look around we found a nice place overlooking the harbour to have some lunch. This was our first taste of clam chowder. I am a fan! We were also treated to an unexpected air show from the Blue Angels.

Highlights from San Francisco were Lombard Street which is worth the steep walk to see the crazy windy street and the view, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. I am sure there are many more things but that is all we really had time for and while we would have loved to have stayed longer, if we had time in our schedule, we were more than glad to only spend one night in that room.

San Francisco Photos October 2018

Oh and the clam chowder don’t forget to try the chowder. Next stop Pismo beach and then Los Angeles via the coast road…….

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  1. You take amazing pictures and the places you have visited look amazing too. I gather that the Blue Angels are the same as The Red Arrows that we have here in Britain. Look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about the places you have visited.

      1. I have read your blogs in the past but I think this is the first time I’ve commented you take a lot of amazing pictures. There are some Really beautiful places in the world and taking pictures and sharing them allows people to see these places too as well as creating lasting memories.

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