Fire on the mountain

The backdrop to the Hawkesbury area are the iconic Blue Mountains. During the winter months the Rural Fire Service undertakes backburning to reduce the risk of fire during summer months.

Today as I headed west I could see plumes of smoke rising ontop of the mountains in the distance. I stopped along the river to take some snaps of the smoke and mountains reflecting on the river.

Hawkesbury 3 August 2019-1754Hawkesbury 3 August 2019-1759Hawkesbury 3 August 2019-1762Hawkesbury 3 August 2019-1764Hawkesbury 3 August 2019-1766

I added my polarising filter to cut through some of the brightness and haze. I rarely use it because I usuallyforget it is there until after and hence not too confident with it. Photos were taken with my Nikon D500 and 18-200mm lens. The first two photos are without the filter, the last 3 are using it. I think there is a subtle difference. Do you agree?

One reply to “Fire on the mountain

  1. I agree, the filter lightly controls the brightness and is only enhancing the beautiful landscape although, it’s clear that a place like this is already breathtaking without it.
    Great work as always! I love keeping track of your photographic adventures, and I hope to be able to do this someday as well. Best wishes!

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