Hawkesbury Photo Project – Pitt Town

Over past couple of months I have been making time to photograph my local area as a bit of a personal passion project. Some of these photos I have posted on Instagram but many are just documenting the ordinary and the unique rather than the “insta-worthy” moments.

Pitt Town - August 17 2019-1988

Today after our usual Saturday morning ride Corina and I spent an hour in Pitt Town taking photos of some of the historical buildings we saw along the way.

Pitt Town - August 17 2019-Pitt Town - August 17 2019-1978Pitt Town - August 17 2019-1992

Pitt Town is a historic town next to the Hawkesbury River. It was originally the home of the Darug people. Europeans first settled in the area in 1791. Tourists to the area can see the remains of some of the earliest buildings as well as new developments. It is a blend of historic buildings, country life, farmland and new homes.

Pitt Town - August 17 2019-2029Pitt Town - August 17 2019-2028Pitt Town - August 17 2019-2019Pitt Town - August 17 2019-2015

Along with the historic barns we photographed some of the curious animals who wondered what we were up to. Including this very friendly horse who wanted to be in all our photos and was particularly fond of a pat along with his mate the goat who preferred to check us out from the distance.

Pitt Town - August 17 2019-1998Pitt Town - August 17 2019-2013Pitt Town - August 17 2019-1995


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