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Sometimes a standard sized photo just doesn’t show off a vista the way your eyes see it. A panorama using an iphone is great but what if you want a high quality panorama? I am slow to the party but recently I discovered the panorama feature in Adobe Light Room. At the end of the blog you can see how I made them.

Hwkesbury - Richmond Lowlands August 10 2019-

I have tried it out a couple of times now. But, I am guessing if you want the best results then you should use a tripod. The one above is my first attempt. The two below were this weekend. I didn’t lose as much from the top and bottom of these. I must have held the camera more level. However, I did lose more of the sunburst in the bottom one than I would have liked.

Pitt Town - August 17 2019-Peels Dairy Hazard Reduction- August 18 2019-

I have a road trip along the Great Ocean Road planned for later in the year. I am hoping I can get some great panoramas then. Let me know what you think about using Light Room for panoramas.

Panorama in Light Room How To…

Take three or more overlapping photos keeping the horizon at the same height. Then import into light room and select the photos you want to use. Right click on the photos and select Photo Merg. Light Room then stitches them together. I used the cylindrical panorama for the photos in this blog. If you have any tips for me let me know in the comments section.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 4.43.37 pm

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