Windsor Bridge Construction

It was a windy morning down near the Hawkesbury River. Too windy for cycling so we headed to Windsor to take a few photos of the new bridge progress and the kayakers on the river.

Kayakers on Hawkesbury River

I haven’t taken many photos of the bridge as the building has progressed because it’s been sad to see the destruction of our history and historical sites.

The photos below were taken a few weeks ago from the park above the river and show the new bridge construction and the old bridge while it is still in use.

Windsor Bridge Construction

Even if the new bridge makes some different briefly to the traffic flow it is not a long term solution.

Today I walked across the old bridge to take some photos of what used to be a gorgeous view as you drove over the bridge into river. Now it’s concrete, steel and cranes.

Windsor Bridge Construction

Residents would like to see the old bridge retained for pedestrians and cyclists but the rumours are strong that the sand barges will win that argument. The lower bridge will be destroyed because the barges can’t fit under it. These will be used to carry sand from down stream back up the river.

Windsor is a historic town and as the bridge construction continues many artefacts have been destroyed. I have have made a conscious effort to photograph what is left before it’s gone too.

Historic Windsor

Windsor is a lovely town about an hour from Sydney. Every Sunday there are markets in the mall. There’s loads of great restaurants and well worth the drive on a sunny Sunday.

Come and see it before it disappears completely.

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  1. Absolutely Stunning photos Liz I love looking at your blogs they are very informative and the pictures bring it to life

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