Great Ocean Road Adventure – Day 1 Shoalhaven Heads

This holiday’s Adventure is a road trip along the coast of NSW down to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

First stop was the boat ramp in Windsor to add to my Hawkesbury photo project. Also we had to check on the progress on the new Windsor Bridge monstrosity.

Then to Costco to stock up before hitting the highway for Shoalhaven Heads.

We had a stop at Bombo Quarry which is an amazing landscape like it’s from another planet. I would love to return and have the time to see a sunset or sunrise there. It would be truly spectacular. We only found it because some lovely ladies walking their dogs showed us the path.,150.862328&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiQpsJukNpNTQcAxeqsIMZjbYkA5sJukNpNTQcBBeqsIMZjbYkA%3D&t=m

Poor Corina is in a boot with an injured foot but she is not letting it hold her up. Really it’s just allowed me to keep up with her a bit better.

As we walked from one side of the quarry to the other we heard a jet and I snapped a quick shot. One chance only and it’s not the best shot but I got it.

Our accomodation for the night is in a cute little cottage on a winery in Coolangatta NSW.

We headed back to the beach but it was super windy and we copped a sand blasting. We took a few shots from the protection of the sand dunes before looking around for somewhere to eat dinner.

After a drive around the town and a visit with some friendly pelicans we settled on an early dinner at the local pub. It wasn’t the best steak burger I have ever eaten but it was an ok vibe in the place. Even if someone called us a couple of fillies when we walked in. I think they need to head to spec savers tomorrow.

Next stop Lakes Entrance Victoria.

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